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What is Cherry Angioma (Cherry Hemangioma)?

cherry-hemangioma1-290x300.jpgCherry angioma (also known as cherry hemangioma) is a small, bright red bumps (or bumps) that typically appear at the base of the back, but can appear anywhere on the body. The rash is made up of dilated capillaries, which give the bumps the bright red color. If the blood vessels do not get enough oxygen, they can even begin to turn purple.

While this type of rash is technically considered a benign tumor, it does not spread any deeper than the skin. It typically does not appear on the hands and feet either. In some cases, pressure to the area can cause profuse bleeding when the blood vessels pop. Cherry angioma (pictured to the left, courtesy of www.skinchannel.com) is not usually painful, but can be when the bleeding is caused.

The root cause of cherry angioma is still unknown, but trends seem to show a certain genetic influence. It most commonly appears in those ages 30 and up, but can affect people of any age, race, or gender. Cherry angioma appears randomly and is essentially a cell mutation that forms red patches on the skin, starting out as small as the head of a pin and flat on the skin. As they continue to grow, they become dome-like papules up to 2 millimeters wide, which is still fairly small. However, when they get to be larger they become more raised. Similar to skin tags, these papules can get caught on jewelry or clothing causing intense bleeding as they are essentially skin bubbles filled with blood.

If the cherry angiomas bleed, you are left with open wounds that may form back into dome-like structures. Left as an open wound, it is susceptible to infection that can cause complications in the healing process. Treatment options are available, and Naturasil offers an all-natural cherry angioma treatment that works without scarring or side effects.

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